I will share here my tribulations writing different apps and exploring miscellaneous tools or hardware I play with at home. This is all done as a hobby.

I a few open source repositories on github:

  • https://github.com/roznet/connectstats
    1. This contains my most successfull app ConnectStats. I even have a specific web page dedicated to that app.
    2. It also contains HealthStats, which is an attempts to replicate the functionality of connectstats for health data collected by iPhone or Apple Watch.
    3. FitFileExplorer is a mac app that I needed to debug and look inside fit files
    4. TennisStats was a cool idea I started when my son was playing tennis competitions and I was watching him trying to keep notes about his play to discuss later. It has a cool way to enter the points by drawing on the tennis court on the screen, but unfortunately my son stopped playing tennis competitions, so that’s the end of that…
  • https://github.com/roznet/shapefileviewer contains an app to open shapefiles. This was build because I wanted to keep track of the countries I visited, and as usual, I felt it was more fun to build a basic app than to pay a few dollars to get an existing app with the functionality. To show the countries visited on a map I discovered shapefile, so I have to build a little utility to explore these files.

  • https://github.com/roznet/iossimfinder iOS Simulator Finder. This is a little utilities to work with simulator files for ios. This is such a useful app, but no one else seems to thing so… I am quite disappointed, I thought it would be useful for a lot of iOS developpers…